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Leather Dice Cups with Buffalo Bone Dice

Leather Dice Cups with Buffalo Bone Dice

SKU: dice cup

These leather cups have been made from high quality 3mm veg tanned leather. Made in the style of popular French dice cups in the 18th century. 


They have been hand-stitched and dyed to have am authentic style when playing your dice games.  

 The sets come with a detachable lid, so you can travel with the set without having your dice spill.


The dice (set of 6)  are made from genuine buffalo bone with carved bullseye pips, in the style that historical findings have show to be. They have an amazing weight and feel to them and the sound when rolling is out of this world.  You really will be playing the 'bones' .


An amazing gift for the dice player.

This listing is for one cup and 6 dice. 



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