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Leather art? what is this madness?

Hey there! Welcome to my creative corner, where I spill the beans on all the projects I've got brewing. Take a peek at what's currently on my workbench, from ongoing experiments to some past gems and commissions. And hey, if something catches your eye, most of these works are up for grabs, if they haven't been snatched already – just email me if you're itching to bring one home. Thanks a bunch for considering my art; it means the world.


Now, us artists, we're like mad scientists, always dabbling in new stuff. You know, sometimes you click with a medium so hard that it practically becomes an obsession. For me, diving into leatherwork was a just that, especially after spending so long in a world of design and digital wizardry. There's just something about getting hands-on that gets me in the flow like nothing else.

After wrapping up my first leather project, I was hooked. Every spare moment turned into a leather-making opportunity. I dove headfirst into the craft, soaking up everything – the ins and outs, the culture, the traditions – with dreams of becoming a leather master one day. Fast forward to now, and I'm mashing up my finely-tuned leather skills with my artsy background, aiming to whip up pieces that hit you with feeling and poetry. 

I'm all about pushing the envelope in leather-craft, and nothing gets me more excited than creating stuff that gets you excited too.  I've got a mission – to show that this humble medium, often seen as just a craft, can totally shimmy away from its roots and dance into the world of fine art.

So, join me on this creative adventure, where each piece tells a story of passion, hours of practice, and a pinch of creative rebellion. Let's prove that leather isn't just for crafts – it's a canvas for something way more epic.  

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Notable Works

These standalone pieces represent spontaneous creations crafted from leather. They emerge organically, not tied to any specific ongoing project—simply born out of the creative moment. Each piece is a unique expression, capturing the essence of creativity in its unscripted form.

"Playing with Leaves" is an ongoing artistic venture rooted in the nostalgia of my childhood, inspired by a whimsical game where I would collect leaves to fashion intricate images. This playful endeavor holds a cathartic quality, as the leaves effortlessly lend themselves to the creation of beautiful and harmonious forms.

Reflecting on my childhood musings, I recall a minor frustration – the leaves inevitably dried, turned brown, and became brittle, making it challenging to share my creations. The transition to leather as my chosen medium offers a liberating solution, allowing me to mould and shape these natural elements without the immediate threat of decay. Much like the process of tanning halts the natural decomposition of skin, leather becomes a medium to freeze the fleeting beauty of leaves. Recapturing the essence of my childhood play, I assemble the leather leaves in familiar ways, pushing the boundaries of their transformative potential.

Conceptually, crafting leaves from leather and arranging them into figures and forms, occasionally narrating a story, serves as a commentary on the fictions that weave into the fabric of our lives. These narratives contribute to our sense of identity, order, and pleasure, shaping the core of who we are. Looking back, I recognize that, as a child navigating the challenges of being an immigrant in a foreign land, this creative game served as a means to infuse a touch of fantasy into my surroundings, imbuing them with meaning where little sense existed.

As an adult, this artistic pursuit continues to add layers to the tapestry of fiction, inviting viewers to explore the delightful realms of imagination. Crafting stories has become not just a nostalgic escape but a way to infuse the world with joy and wonder, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's a journey I thoroughly enjoy, a playful exploration of creativity that resonates with the child within, making life a bit more fantastical and a lot more fun!

Playing With Leaves Project

Mathematical Knot Project

In my artistic journey, I've delved into the intricate world of carving knots onto leatherwork, where the fusion of leather and knotwork gives rise to a captivating aesthetic. As my exploration evolves, I've recently turned my focus to mathematical knots, specifically navigating the Alexander Briggs chart of prime knots to weave complex patterns.


These studies are guiding me toward a deeper understanding of knots as a decorative element in the contemporary artistic landscape.


This project is a continuous exploration, with each knot telling a story of precision and beauty, transforming the traditional craft into a modern artistic expression.

Chess Piece Project