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2022 Northern Rivers Floods Fund Raising Shirts

2022 Northern Rivers Floods Fund Raising Shirts


* Out of Stock *

final lot of shirts will be available for purchase from Resilient Lismore @ One From The Heart Music Festival, in Lismore - 15th May.

Like all right-minded people, we have been amazed and inspired by the way the Northern Rivers community stepped up to assist each other during the recent floods. Such bravery and quick thinking shown by those who rescued others, such selflessness shown by those who have stepped up to coordinate the clean up and recovery operation and put boots on the ground.


The resilience of the communities of Northern Rivers has been shown time and again.

Cyclone, floods, droughts, fires, plagues, more all step up every time to help your neighbour, and we salute you all! To commemorate the recent floods, pay homage to our homegrown heroes, and to raise funds for those who have lost so much, we have created this RESILIENCE t-shirt.


100% of profits from the sale of these shirts will go to those directly affected by the flood via Koori Mail, Resilient Lismore and the Givit NSW flood appeal.


You can also increase the power of your donation by buying a shirt and gifting it to someone who needs clothing.


Let us know in the comments section of your order if you would like your shirt to go to someone who needs it and we will make that happen for you via one of the many local organisations who are organising clothes and goods for people.


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