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Leather and plaster on wood. 54x46cm

Mario Sanchez 2022


I had been putting off finishing this one for a while. After a lovely encounter with a local creative, Margie Brace, we talked briefly about that many creatives in the region are feeling a little lost, stuck in a rut where there is so much anxiety still in our communities since the floods and the last couple of years of uncertainty, making it hard to focus our thoughts.

We said goodbye with some bravado, telling each other that we should really just focus on these feelings instead of avoiding them. This sentiment stuck with me throughout the day and I realised that I was avoiding finishing this piece  because of  those exact sentiments we were chatting about.

'In-between' is being suspended in a state of not here nor there. It is feeling like drowning at the same time as floating on water. Hot and cold. Not being able to clearly define our situation as uncertainty looms over us. Life is still pretty, the world is still beautiful and colourful but clarity is constantly shifting its focus. We are in a state of 'in-between' where every time it rains we lose sleep. And this is ok, it will pass. Keep making.




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