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15"  British Tan #3.   Roll-up Portable Leather Chess Set

15" British Tan #3. Roll-up Portable Leather Chess Set


These chess sets are one of our most popular items.  We have a few chess masters using them in tournaments now and the feedback from professional and serious players has been invaluable  in making the product even better.   



    These sets are made entirely by hand. We cut the leather, we carve it, tool it, stitch it, dye it, condition it. The lot is done by the 3 of us here in our workshop. We use a premium vegetable tanned, full grain cow leather. This gives each set its own unique distinguishing features, making each set truly unique. These travel Chess Sets include the tubular case, a leather board and beautiful Staunton style hand carved wooden chess-men. The Chess-men are hand carved from boxwood & rosewood. They are weighted and the king stands at 3.75" as per tournament regulations. The whole set is made from full grain vegetable tanned cow leather. 2mm thick leather is used for the board which allows for pliability so the board will lie flat once rolled out. (tip- always roll the board with the square facing out) 2.5mm thick leather for the case to give it extra rigidity. Total set weight (including weighted chess-men) = 1.9kgCompletely hand stitched. Hand Dyed.The board has had the squares hand carved into the leather and individually dyed and sealed using a brush. This is the ultimate gift for the chess lover.Please see below for specs, care instructions and other FAQs.



    Leather is one of those materials that gets better with age.  When I make my products, I look years into the future for possible ageing effects. 

     It is good practice to give the board a periodic conditioning with a good bees wax based leather dressing.  We make and sell our own, but any of good repute saddle dressing found  commercially will do the trick.  We provide leather care sheets with all our chess sets.    It is a good idea to keep the leather dry and store away from moisture. If it gets wet, let dry completely before storing.   It is also a good idea to store and play away from direct sunlight for extended periods of time - as this will darken your leather and in some instances fade the dye.  

    Many thanks,  please feel free to ask any questions.   

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