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Every 1-2 months at The Leather Shop Kyogle, we feature a new local artist.


They showcase their art practice on our shop windows, on the main street of Kyogle, NSW.  If you are a local artist and have an idea for a window display,  please email with your proposal for  our consideration. 

All works displayed can be purchased via the store.  We will promote your work via our website and social media channels also.  We do not charge you any rental fee for this period of display - we just ask that you be respectful of the space and be as creative as possible!  Works for sale will be under consignment. 

Featured June/July 2024

Jackie Jenner

Artisan Jewellery and Ceramics

I'm probably an unusual artist, because I don't have my own studio or permanent space to work from- I've lived in my campervan for over 6 years now. But I've been very fortunate in finding wonderful people, spaces, and communities from which I work within the northern rivers. I also love creating in natural spaces and am known to take my clay and tools into the bush, or by a river, to create from the serenity of nature. It's extremely inspiring. 


I've been creating my necklaces for well over 6 years now, and you can find me in over 25 locations along the east coast.


I've been working with clay for over 3 years, from a beautiful community studio in Mallanganee, and am a hand builder of functional art in small batches. All gas fired using stoneware clays, then incorporating found and fossicked objects from my travels and life. 


My art is an expression of nature, my love of different modalities and techniques, and the beauty and use that can be found in everyday objects.


You are welcome to join me on my journey, on instagram under Figwickle.

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Featured August 2024

This Could Be You!

with your proposal. 

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